Is it proper to install a CCTV system at the door of one’s flat monitoring the corridor shared with the neighbours?
  According to No.2 of Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, if the sound or image data collected by CCTV at one’s flat are only used for “personal or household activities of a natural person” (e.g., household security purposes) without systematic communications or dissemination (e.g., disclosure on the internet), the Personal Data Protection Act does not apply and this Office would not be intervened. Otherwise, the Act should apply.
  Furthermore, legal provisions in the Penal Code and the Civil Code may apply when the CCTV captures the images of the neighbours’ in and out situations. To avoid bearing any legal responsibilities, those Codes are also required to be complied. Moreover, if the installation locations and the captured zones of the CCTV are within the shared area of the building, it is advisable to consult its Property Owners Committee prior to the installation.