The Office for Personal Data Protection (hereinafter as “the GPDP”) is the public authority established under Chief Executive Instruction (Despacho do Chefe do Executivo) 83/2007 of the Macao Special Administrative Region, operating independently under the supervision of the Chief Executive. Being the public authority referred to in Article 79(3) of the Civil Code and Law 8/2005 (the Personal Data Protection Act, or PDPA), the GPDP exercises the legal competence invested in it in supervising and coordinating the public implementation of and compliance with the PDPA, and devising professional secrecy regulations as well as supervising their implementation.

The main functions of the GPDP include:

  • Supervision and coordination:

    Supervising and coordinating the implementation of and conformity to the PDPA; accepting and registering notifications of personal data processing; screening and handling applications for authorizations and applications of other sorts; issuing opinions based on applications; promulgating authorizations for obliged notifications; simplifying the procedures of notifications and declarations; and saving administrative resources.

  • Establishing regime:

    Establishing the regime of professional secrecy and supervising its implementation.

  • Handling complaint:

    Handling enquiries, as well as complaints or reports of personal data protection violations, in addition to investigating and penalizing administrative offences against the PDPA.

  • Publicity and education:

    Giving talks, seminars, conferences, trainings in respect of the PDPA, producing publication material and leaflets, as well as promoting the PDPA through media publicity and raising privacy protection awareness amongst the general public and data controllers.

  • Analysis and research:

Conducting researches of personal data protection theories, and continuously improving the related regime and regulations.

The main divisions of the GPDP include:

  • Law and Regulation
  • Publicity and Education
  • Information
  • Administration and Finance

With regard to international and regional exchanges, the GPDP has been participating as an observer of the “Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA) Forum” and the “Global Privacy Assembly” since 2008. In a bid to establish close ties with the data protection authorities around the world, the GPDP has been participating in a series of such exchanges, aiming to strengthen mutual cooperation and to proper handle and tackle cross-border illegal activities, as well as further integrating into the international community and advancing personal data protection in Macao.

After years of efforts, the GPDP was accredited as a member of the APPA and a member of Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) in July 2012, but lying ahead are opportunities and challenges. In future, the GPDP will fully utilize its favorable conditions to continuously widen its network for international and regional communications, making effort to develop Macao into a globally successful region in the promotion of personal data protection.

Ambition: Seeking to guarantee a high level of personal data protection and devoted to a high standard of social development.

Mission: Supervise and coordinate the implementation and compliance of the Personal Data Protection Act. Promote personal data protection.

Belief:  Fairness and impartiality, effectiveness plus excellence, and adapt to the times.

Address:Avenida da Praia Grande, N.º 804, Edif. China Plaza, 17.º andar, Macau

Tel: (853)28716006

Fax: (853)2871 6116