• The Office for Personal Data Protection (hereafter as the GPDP) provides seminars on the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) to private and public institutions free of charge.
  • Seminars can be co-organized or jointly organized by the GPDP, and the applicant institution should be one of the organizers. In other words, the GPDP is a co-organizer or will jointly organize the seminar.
  • After completing the Seminar Application Form (to download), make sure the information filled in is correct. A completed form should be stamped with the institution seal and signed by the person in charge, before submitting to the GPDP by:

a. personally visiting the GPDP (Address: Av. da Praia Grande, No. 804, Edf. China Plaza, 17.º Andar, Macao).

b. post (Postal address: P.O Box 880, Macao; or the Office for Personal Data Protection, at Av. da Praia Grande, No. 804, Edf. China Plaza, 17.º Andar, Macao).

c. fax (Fax number: 28716116).

  • The PDPA seminar serves to highlight the basics of the Personal Data Protection Act. Therefore, it does not aim to explain or answer for specific cases. Likewise, no analyses or opinions are given for a specific case during the seminar. Should there be a need for enquiry or opinion on a specific case from the GPDP, an institution should submit an enquiry or an application separately.
  • If the applicant institution has specific requirements for the seminar content or for the activity arrangement, it should specify clearly in the application form aforesaid.
  • To facilitate the applications for seminars, the GPDP may require an institution to provide further information, including the nature, status of the participants, venue arrangement, and others. In addition, the GPDP will further discuss the activity arrangement with the applicant institution.
  • Generally the GPDP will inform the institution of the final application result through an official letter.

Address:Avenida da Praia Grande, N.º 804, Edif. China Plaza, 17.º andar, Macau

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